What we can provide for our customers...

Help you be in compliance with Obama Healthcare

Initial Safety Equipment for employees

Compliance Audits

Recruitment to fit any needs



We provide our customers with payroll services, facilitating the process for both our customers and employees. Let Tungsten Staffing, Inc. take the stress out of your employment needs.

Keeping our employees safe is our priority. For this reason we provide all of our employees with initial safety equipment. Safety glasses, gloves, hard hat, safety vest, etc. are some of the equipment we supply initially to our employees.

We understand our client's and employee's needs. For the convenience of these two, Tungsten Staffing, Inc. provides reliable transportation services to mobilize our employees to their job sites.

Tungsten Staffing Inc. understand the current change in our economy. Our customers and employees are our priority. We are in the search of finding individuals that get and/or will get the job done for our companies.We are determined in finding the best  labor candidates as well as finding the best jobs for our employees. Tungsten Staffing, Inc.'s goal is to exploit the potential of  both our customers and employees.

Our Safety Department has over 20 years of experience in OSHA regulation training, we work diligently to keep your job-site in compliance with all OSHA safety/health requirement standards. We offer on-site safety training that is tailored to fit every aspect of the working world; as well as, conducting Safety Compliance audits which assist our customers in keeping an accident free environment. To learn more about what our team can achieve for you, contact us at: Holland@tungstenstaffing.net